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I am the child whisperer,

I have taught in the Brentwood School District for 13 years;

Some of the best years of my career; I realized that every child actually wants to do well. When, I look at the reasons why some children do not meet their educational goals; there is usually a health, wealth or adult situation to at hand.


I have learned if you treat a child like a flower; you know, love nurture and grow a child; sort of like an agricultural project. Then engage that child with experience and discovery, and always let that child have a say in his/her own education, that child will love school and you as well. In fact, that child will be inspired to do well and not disappoint the teacher. Whether, that teacher is mom or an educator….


I now have stepped out on faith as an Independent Contractor

Helping children with Special Needs.


I absolutely love seeing children succeed…In education and in life…


- Camille

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