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Camille Serrano is one of seven children born to Carriette and George Hudson.

Raised in Northeast Bronx during the 60” and 70’s, I went to Fashion Industries High School in hopes of becoming the next Versace. However, life happened (literally).  I shifted my goals so, that I could function as a young mom. I attended Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) on the weekends, as I worked in a Soho Gallery as the supervisor of  the “Pucci”  art department. I attended beauty school (Robert Fiance) where, I achieved my cosmetology license. I made money doing hair and nails, not enough to live the life I dreamed of. So, I invested in the Chief Leader (employment opportunity resource) and applied for every city job (for benefits of course). In the summer of 1984, I received confirmation that I was a candidate for the New York City Department of Correction. I was sworn in on September 15, 1985. I was now a mother of two, artist; Correction Officer. I was tasked to work in many capacities throughout the Department.

Thirteen years in the various jails, both on Rikers’ Island and throughout the city. In 1998, I was transferred to Investigation Division where I would spend the rest of my 21years of service. I this midst of my tenure I was married and conceived another two handsome sons.  I was now a mother of four very active sons. I had to be involved in the school district my sons attended. So, I joined the PTA and soon became the President of Council of PTSA (Parents’ Teachers’ Students’ Association). Now, I am mother to four adult sons, an Artist, Correction Officer, and former President of PTSA Council. Since my retirement from the Department of Corrections, I went back to school and achieved my Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Public Policy, with a minor in Child Development. In 2015, I managed to attain my Master’s Degree in Education, I am currently into my Doctorate Degree. I spent the last 13years working with children with special needs within the Brentwood School District, I  am also a Coach for the Police Athletic League (PAL), and have now started my own business as a Behavior Interventionist/ Parent Trainer. Through my service with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), I exercise advocacy for all in need. My new endeavor is to become an author of books, which will engage the masses and promote “Decency.”  Human advocate and life long learner...

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